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Some of our published stories…

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The Albatross by Scott Lauder and Walter McGregor, published by Helbling 2014. Levy, an old Greek sailor, takes on his last job and discovers that the cargo on board is not what he expected. Molly, an American teenager finds a body on the beach when she’s walking her dog. What happens when Levy tells the captain? Why does the body disappear? And how are Levy and Molly connected?

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Robin Hood  An adaptation of Howard Pyle’s classic story by Scott Lauder and Walter McGregor published by Helbling 2014. The Sheriff of Nottingham is Robin’s biggest enemy. He hates Robin because Robin is an outlaw. But most of all, the sheriff hates Robin because everyone else loves him. Does the sheriff catch Robin? Or does King Richard save him and his Merry Men?

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 21.14.41

The Right Thing [Part one in a trilogy of stories] by Scott Lauder and Walter McGregor, published by Helbling Languages (2015). When three teenagers uncover a story that threatens the career of the British Prime Minister, Morrow, a British secret service agent, must make a decision: do the right thing and die, or do nothing and live. The artwork for our new story is by the fabulous Arianna Vairo.

Coming in 2016…

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 21.20.43

Tutankhamun by Scott Lauder and Water McGregor, published by OUP (in press). Look out for our OUP Bookworm.

King Arthur, published by Helbling. Our adaptation of Howard Pyle’s classic tale.

Coming in 2018…

Amazing Teens by Scott Lauder and Walter McGregor, published by OUP. Look out for our OUP bookworm.

Which is your favourite story?

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to EFLShorts

  1. merridy2013 says:

    Hello EFLShorts, Thanks for liking my blog. I really like the concept of creating short stories for EFL readers! All the best, Merridy

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