Our adaptation of A Fight with a Ghost (Ch 8)

I tore the curtains apart and rushed into the next room. It was empty. The lamp was on and the door was open, just as George had left it. In the corridor outside, all was quiet. I came back into the study and found George was running his fingers through his hair with anxiety.

‘There is one person too many in the house. I think we should search the house and find out who it is,’ I said.

‘Alright,’ said George picking up the poker from the fireplace. ‘If it is anything made from flesh and blood then we will need this…’

Suddenly, an awful scream filled the house. I had never heard anything like it before and never want to hear anything like it again. For a moment, we stood staring at each other. Then George Carson ran out the room and down the corridor to the stairs. I followed him.

In the darkness, we ran down the stairs. But before I reached the landing below, where Miss Stonor’s room was, something brushed past me, just like the night before. I turned and made a grab for it as I ran. But my hand only gripped empty air. I was about to turn back and follow it when a cry from George stopped me. I looked down and saw him standing over the body of Miss Stonor. She was lying on the floor. I could see from the moonlight from her room window that she lay in her nightdress. The whole house was woken by her scream. We picked her up and got her into her bed. All the while, she was whispering the same words, over and over: ‘Oh, the face, the face!’

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