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Reading comprehension (Halloween, Ch3)

Look again at Halloween (Ch3) and decide if the following statements are probably true or false.

1. Sometimes Betty didn’t sell all the newspapers in her shop.

2. Betty’s shop sold more things than the nearest supermarket.

3. For the people in Craiginver, Betty’s shop was closer than the nearest supermarket.

4. Betty didn’t sell bread.

5. More people came into Betty’s shop in the afternoons than in the mornings.

6. Mrs Murdoch always bought lots of things in Betty’s shop.

7. Mrs Murdoch probably lived locally.

8. Betty’s husband still helped her in the shop.

Halloween (Ch2) reading comprehension

Look again at Chapter 2 and decide if the following statements are probably true or not

1. The weather that day was unpleasant

2. Betty had no heating in the shop

3. Betty could have a snack if she wanted one

4. Betty lived far away from the shop

5. Betty was probably capable of using the latest technology

6. Betty had no relatives

7. Betty preferred not to eat a large meal at night

8. Betty thought that Agatha Christie was the best mystery writer

Halloween (Ch1) Reading comprehension

1. Look again at Chapter 1 and then give your opinion about these statements. Do you think they are true?

a. Betty Ramage is probably a young woman

b. The shop is probably quite small

c. Betty Ramage takes her job seriously

d. . Betty Ramage is probably the owner of the shop

e. The season is probably summer

f. The shop probably didn’t make a huge profit

g. The shop is probably a general store