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Comprehension for The Lake (Chapter 2)

1. Look at the questions and the list of answers below. Choose the correct answer.

i) Thousands  ii) Hundreds  iii) Annie Baker  iv) Donnie Brown  v) On the southern slopes  vi) In Easton  vii) Three  viii) Just one  ix) 1950  x) With a dam  xi) 1940  xii) They planned to make a road 


a. Who owned Brown Construction?

b. How many homes did Brown Construction want to build?

c. Where was most of the land that Annie owned?

d. How many people now lived in Annie’s house?

e. How did Brown Construction plan to flood the valley?

f. When were Annie’s mother and father married?



Comprehension (Part 2) for The Lake (Chapter 1)

1. Look again at The Lake (Chapter 1) and choose the best word from the list below to complete the sentences

after   lived   river   inside   outside   on   while   grandmother  rented   shoot   listen   valley   fifty   grandfather   seventy 


a. Annie often drank coffee ______ she sat ______ on cold but pleasant mornings.

b. Annie liked to watch the sun ______ the river and  ______ to the birds.

c. Annie had lived in the Argent  ______ for over  ______ years.

d. Annie’s ______ built the house that she ______ in.




Grammar for The Lake (Chapter 1)

1.The simple past passive

The passive voice has many forms. For example, ‘The document was delivered yesterday‘ is an example of the simple past passive. The active form of this sentence might be: ‘The courier delivered the document yesterday‘. In the first (passive) sentence, the verb phrase is ‘was + the past participle of deliver‘. In the second (active) sentence, the simple past tense verb is ‘delivered‘. There are a number of reasons why the passive might be used. In the case of the document that was delivered yesterday, knowing who did the action (i.e. the agent) may not be useful or interesting (or it may just be obvious). Perhaps we care more about the document arriving at its destination (or the time it reached there) than who took it. Consequently, the ‘agent’ (i.e. the person or thing doing the action) may drop out of the sentence or be added at the end using ‘by’. (For example, ‘The document was delivered yesterday by the courier‘)

2. Look at this extract from The Lake (Chapter 1) and find the passive.

The house that Annie lived in was built by her grandfather. It overlooked the Eastman River just two miles north of the silver mine at Hunting. Two hundred years ago, her grandfather worked in the mine, but the silver didn’t last. After the mine closed, most people moved away. Within a year, Hunting was empty: people needed work. Some went to Easton, the nearest city, and began new lives. Soon, Hunting became a ghost town, a place with empty houses, broken windows and empty streets. In the distance, amongst the forest that grew on the valley slopes, Annie could still see some of the roofs of Hunting’s empty buildings.

3. Think of a suitable person or thing as the agent in these sentences

e.g. He was fired two days ago = His boss fired him two days ago.

a. The windows were washed last week.

b. The marks for the exam were handed out before we left.

c. The thief wasn’t caught.

d. That photograph of me was taken at my birthday party.

e. Rice is grown in many parts of India.

f. ‘Why were the children sent to bed early?’

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Quizlet for The Lake (Chapter 1)

Practice the words in The Lake (Chapter 1) using this QUIZLET



Comprehension for The Lake (Chapter 1)

Look again at The Lake (Chapter 1) and use either ‘before‘ or ‘after‘ to complete these sentences.

a. ______ Annie made coffee, she saw the kingfisher.

b. ______ Annie was born, her grandfather built the house.

c. Most people moved away ______ the silver mine closed.

d. ______ the mine closed, Hunting became a ghost town.

e. It was her father’s house ______ it became Annie’s.


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Picture activity for The Lake (Chapter 1)

Look at The Lake (Chapter 1) again and match these pictures with the correct words


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