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All the stories here have been specially written for EFL learners. We hope you enjoy them.


The Janitor

A murder mystery. A man takes a job as a janitor at a school. He doesn’t know it, but he has only hours to live. This story is around 3,000 words and it has ten chapters. There are also audio files available.

The Cook

A woman escapes from a mental hospital and takes a job at a school. The police are looking for her. They think she is dangerous. But is she…? This story is around 3,000 words long.

The Lake

A businessman wants to buy land to build houses, but the owner won’t sell. When the owner dies, the businessman is happy…for a while.

Sweet Tooth

There is a new dentist in town. Almost everyone thinks he is great. But perhaps he is too good to be true…

Diamonds as big as…

An off-world mining ship is hi-jacked by pirates. The leader of the pirates is a woman with a famous ancestor. This story is about 1,000 words long.

The Piper

On a street in Scotland, a piper plays. He has played there for 300 years…This story is about 1,000 words long.

A Bad Habit

A woman takes revenge for her husband’s death. She blames the doctor…This story is about 1,000 words long.


Teachers, please feel free to use any or all of the stories and activities on this blog for your classes. Please note, however, that no user of this site may make use of the site’s content for commercial purposes. Users wishing to use the site for reasons other than for private reading and/or educational purposes are requested to obtain the express prior written permission of the site. Please also note that users expressly agree that use of the site or any of the materials contained therein is at the user’s own discretion and entirely at the user’s own risk. 

Our thanks to JA for his editing on The Janitor, The Cook and to SF for being SF.

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