The Janitor Chapter 10 Alphabetical word list

a bill                =A letter that says you must pay money (e.g. a water bill, a gas bill,an electricity bill).

a blanket        =Something that we cover ourselves with on a bed to keep us warm

a boiler           =A device/machine for making hot water

a corridor       =An area that connects one part of a building with another

a cycle             =A bike

a fake              =Something made to look real, but not real.

a flat               =An apartment/a place where people stay.

a helmet         =Something we wear on our heads to protect them e.g. a cyclist wears a helmet

a hum             =A low (sometimes deep) sound

a janitor          =Someone who works at a school. This person does repairs or cleans.

a joke              =Something we say in order to make others laugh

a machine      =A thing that needs power to do/make something e.g. a washing machine cleans clothes)

a neighbour   =Someone who lives close to you.

a shovel          =A tool for digging holes with

a siren             =It makes a loud sound on police cars, ambulances and fire engines

a sofa              =A kind of chair for sitting on

a tone             =The noise that tells you a telephone is working

a vet                =A doctor for animals

an account     =If you have money in a bank, it is in an account.

an object        =A thing

burned           =Damaged or destroyed by fire

clear                =clean, without dirt, see through

completely     =100%, all

dark                =Not bright, without much light

darken            =Become less light

darkness        =The noun form of ‘dark’

disappear       =become nothing/no longer seen

distance          =The noun of ‘distant’ (far away)

distant            =far away

dull                 =Not bright or shining

earrings          =Jewellery for the ears

favourite        =The one that you like best

feathers          =The things that cover a bird’s body

flew                 =Past tense of ‘fly’

footsteps        =The noise we make when we walk

heart attack   =A serious problem with the heart

held                =Past tense of ‘hold’

hungry           =Wanting/needing food

ill                     =Sick/unwell

imagine          =Make a picture of something in your head that is not really there

immediately   =At once, without waiting.

jewellery        =Things made from gold, silver and valuable stones that people wear e.g. rings and necklaces

laughter         =The noun of ‘laugh’ (the sound we make when we find something funny)

leaves (noun) =These are green and grow on plants/trees

license plate   =Cars usually have two of these (one at the front, one at the back). They help us identify cars.

medicine        =A drug to help someone who is sick

my fault          =I am responsible for something bad that happened

pause              =Stop for a moment/wait

pigeon             =A type of bird that is common in the UK

playground    =An area in a school where children play

pretend          =Imagine/say that something is true when it isn’t

probably        =’Perhaps’, ‘maybe’ or ‘possibly’

recognize       =To know (from an earlier time)

repair             =Fix, make something work again

rose (verb)    =The past tense of ‘rise’ = go up (in the air)

scream            =Shout in a very loud voice

secure             =Safe.

serious            =Not smiling, thinking about something that is not funny

shook              =Past tense of ‘shake’ (=move about from side to side)

sick                  =Unwell/not healthy

silent               =Without a noise/sound

silver               =A kind of metal, often used for jewellery (not as expensive as gold)

slam                =To hit or throw violently

Some change = Money you get back when you pay too much

spoke              =The past tense of ‘speak’

staff                =Group name for the people who work in a company/office/school

stare               =Look at for a long time

stood               =Past tense of ‘stand’

sweep             =To clean with a brush

the price         =How much something costs

to nod             =To move your head up and down to show that you agree

to point           =the use of your hand/finger to direct someone’s attention to something

to reply           =To answer

to stare           =To look at hard or for a long time.

to wonder      =To be curious about/to want to know more about

whisper          =To say something in a quiet voice

woke up         =Past tense of ‘wake up’

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