Comprehension for The Cook (Chapter 2) Past tense negatives

1. To make some simple past tense statements negative, the auxilliary verb ‘did’ must be added. The main verb must also change from simple past to bare infinitive For example, ‘She ate breakfast‘ becomes ‘She did not eat breakfast’/She didn’t eat breakfast‘ . However, with some verbs (such as ‘To Be’) the auxilliary ‘did’ is not used. For example, ‘She was late‘ becomes ‘She was not late/She wasn’t late.

2. Look at these sentences from The Cook (Chapter 2). Decide if they are true or false.

a. Candy didn’t find it easy to get to the school.

b. Candy asked some people for directions.

c. Most of the people that she asked gave her help.

d. The old woman didn’t know where the school was.

e. The school wasn’t far from the fish and chip shop.

f. Candy didn’t feel hungry.

g. Candy didn’t have a scarf around her neck.

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