Grammar – The Cook (Chapter 6)

1. Look at this sentence:  ‘Candy said goodbye to the dishwashers and left the kitchen.

In this sentence, the subject in both clauses is ‘Candy‘ (Candy said goodbye and Candy left..). However, because the subject is the same, there is no need to repeat it. Instead, the two clauses are joined with ‘and‘ and the second ‘Candy‘ is removed.

2. Look at this quote from The Cook and find examples of this kind of ellipsis

The headmistress jumped out of her seat. ‘My dear, I had no idea!’ She pulled some tissues out of a box and gave them to her. ‘Wait here,’ she said and left the room. There were voices outside. A moment later, the headmistress returned. ‘Look, she said, ‘take this.’ In her hands, she had two hundred pounds. ‘Is that enough?

3. Decide if we can remove the word that is underlined in these sentences

a. Candy left the kitchen and Candy went into the playground.

b. Mr Tomkin spoke to Billy and Mr Tomkin told him to go to his office.

c. Candy was in the playground and Mr Tomkin came out the staffroom.

d. Candy used the knife to chop vegetables and the knife shone in the sunlight.

e. The dishwashers heard the fight and the dishwashers told Candy not to go out.

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