Grammar for The Cook (Chapter 7)

1. The word ‘too’ can be used a number of different ways. One way is to describe a problematic situation. In other words, the situation is not what you expected or wanted. For example, if a classroom has 20 students, but only 19 chairs, then there are too many students (or too few chairs) in the room. Here, ‘too’ is modifying (or changing) a quantifier (such as ‘many’, ‘few’, ‘much’ and ‘little’).

‘Too’ can also be used to modify an adjective. For example, the man usually wears size 43 shoes, but as a gift he was given size 44 so the shoes are too big.

2. Look at this extract from The Cook (Chapter 7) and find an example of ‘too’.

That night, she found a room near Euston train station. It was small and not very clean, but it was cheap and not too far from the school.

3. Complete these sentences using ‘to’ or too’

a. She went ______ the sale at H&M, but she was ______ late ______ get any bargains.

b. The teacher told him ______ do the essay again because he had made ______ many careless mistakes.

c. I have  ______ study for an exam tomorrow, but I don’t want ______. I feel ______ tired.

d. I feel full. In fact, I think I ate ______ much.

e. The dress was ______ small, so she took it back ______ the shop where she bought it four months ago. However, the assistant said she was ______ late and refused ______ exchange it.


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