Grammar for The Cook (Chapter 8)

1. Look at this extract from The Cook (Chapter 8) and find the example of ‘let’

‘Oh dear,’ she said, ‘these ones here are a bit cold. Let me get you some fresh ones,’ and she swung around and disappeared through the kitchen doors. In a flash, she put two drops of the purple liquid onto Billy’s steak pie and stirred them into the gravy.

In the example above, Candy uses ‘let‘ to mean ‘allow me‘. In other words, she is using it to make an offer.

2. Using ‘Let’s and let(s)’. Here are two basic ways to use them:

(a) ‘Let me go!’ = Allow/Permit me to do it!

‘Please let me go to the party’ = Allow/permit me to do it

‘Let me get you some water’ = Allow me to get you some water = a phrase used for making AN OFFER

EXAMPLE: A pirate never lets sailors go unless they pay a ransom. = A pirate never allows sailors to go…

(b) Let’s go! = How about going? = A phrase used for making A SUGGESTION.

EXAMPLE: Let’s take some water. We’ll be thirsty if we don’t. = A suggestion to take some water.

3. Now look at the underlined phrase in these sentences. Is it similar to (a) or (b) above?

1. I’m tired. Let’s stop and take a rest.

2. Why won’t you let us go to the party?

3. She never lets her children sit in the car without their seatbelts on.

4. Her father didn’t let her drink coffee when she was a child.

5. If you change your mind, let us know.

6. I don’t know the city so let’s buy a map.

7. Are you hungry? Let me get you some food.

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