Grammar for The Cook (Chapter 10)

1. Exclamations are phrases that can express strong (positive or negative) emotions. For example, imagine you have just watched a good film. You could say ‘What a movie!’. Alternatively, imagine one of the actors in the film was really bad. You could say ‘What an actor!’. Exclamations like these examples have an exclamation mark (!) at the end of them.

2. Look at this extract from The Cook (Chapter 10) and find the exclamation with ‘What’ in it.

Inside the kitchen, the headmistress, Mr Tomkin and Mrs Duffy stood at the window and looked out. ‘My goodness Ms Pickles,’ said the headmistress. ‘What a queue!’ She smiled. ‘You are a star! An absolute star!’

3. Look at these sentences and match them with the most appropriate exclamation

‘What a building!’

‘What an idiot!’

‘What a result!’

‘What a journey!’

‘What a view!’

‘What a meal!’

a. I loved the taste of everything that we ate.

b. The bus made so many stops along the way.

c. It’s the highest skyscraper in the world.

d. From the hotel, we could see Loch Ness.

e. He drove past me at 70kph in a 40kph zone.

f. Manchester City beat Manchester United 6-1.


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