Grammar for The Cook (Chapter 11)

1. Adjectives describe or give us more information about nouns. For example, ‘Candy wore a long scarf.’ In this sentence, the word ‘long’ describes the scarf that Candy wore. The adjective comes before the noun (called an ‘attributive’ adjective)

In this sentence, the adjective comes after the noun (called a ‘predicative’ adjective): ‘Candy was afraid.’

2. Look at this extract from The Cook (Chapter 11) and find the adjectives in it:

But not Sergeant Roberts. Now he stood on the steps of the main building and stared hard at her. She stood completely still. ‘Oh, no,’ she thought, ‘he is trying to remember. Please don’t remember.’ Then the sergeants faced changed. His eyes became wide and his mouth dropped open: the poster on the wall in the police station. The woman from Scullwell! He took a step forward, but it was already too late.

3. Find the adjectives in these sentences and decide if they are attributive (before the noun) or predicative (after the noun)

a. The gym was large.

b. Candy dropped her favourite scarf.

c. The children enjoyed listening to special guests.

d. The policeman had a strange look on his face.

e. The children went to the school’s large gym.

f. Candy felt nervous when she saw the policeman.



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