Word forms for The Cook (Chapter 11)

1.Choose the best word to complete this sentence:

Billy Pugman [chose/choice] to eat beef for lunch.

In this example, a verb is needed so the correct word form is ‘chose’ (the past tense of ‘choose’). The word ‘choice’ is a noun and can’t be used here.

2. Knowing and choosing the correct form (or ‘Part of Speech’) of a word is important. Look at this extract from The Cook and decide if the underlined words are a noun or verb.

The surprise stopped Sergeant Roberts from moving; but only for a moment. He dropped his hat and ran after her. He was just seconds behind. He pulled the security door open and ran into the street. His mouth dropped open. He looked one way, then the other. He ran to Martin’s Fish Bar and looked up that street. Nothing. He turned around and began to run all the way around the wall, but she was not there. ‘Now what do I do?’ He thought about the poster in the police station – about the information on it. ‘I must warn them,’ he said and rushed back to the security door. It was still half-open. He looked down. On the ground, between the door and the lock, was a long purple scarf.

3. Complete these sentences by choosing the correct form of the word

a. If you [rush/in a rush] in an exam, you might make careless mistakes. I [in a rush/rushed] in my exam, so it wasn’t [surprised/a surprise] when I got my grade. It was low!

b. The [inform/information] about how to use the DVD player [a look/looked] difficult to understand.

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