Grammar and comprehension for The Cook (Chapter 12)

1. Dependent clauses are parts of a sentence that cannot not stand alone.

A dependent clause often begins with a word such as ‘after‘, ‘before‘, ‘when‘ and ‘while‘. For example, ‘Candy ran away when she saw the policeman‘. In this sentence, the dependent clause is ‘when she saw the policeman‘.

2. Look at this extract from The Cook (Chapter 12) and find the dependent clause

‘That’s right,’ replied the policeman. ‘Before she went mad, she was a scientist. She worked for the government. She said her formula changed nasty people into good people.’

3. Look again at The Cook (Chapter 12) and decide which word is best to complete the dependent clause.

a. [While/Before] Sergeant Roberts was running to the gym hall, he spoke in his radio.

b. [After/Before] Sergeant Roberts ran into the gym hall, he pulled Mr Tomkin out of it.

c. Sergeant Roberts called for ambulances [before/after] he heard that Candy was the school cook.

d. The headmistress ran into the playground [after/before] Sergeant Roberts called for ambulances.

e. [While/When] Mr Tomkin said he didn’t trust Candy, the headmistress told him to be quiet.

f. [Before/After] Mr Tomkin heard that Candy was a scientist, his eyes grew wide.

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