Grammar for The Lake (Chapter 2)

1. We can use ‘because’ and ‘so’ to talk about reasons and results.

For example, ‘He went to the dentist because he had toothache’ (or Because he had toothache, he went to the dentist’). In other words, ‘because’ can come at the start or in the ‘middle’ of the sentence and it helps explain the REASONS for an action. Now know why he went to the dentist.

In contrast, we can use the word ‘so’ to talk about RESULTS. For example, ‘He had toothache, so he went to the dentist.’ In other words, he had toothache; and, as a result of that, he went to the dentist.

2. Look at this extract from The Lake (Chapter 2). Find the example of ‘because’. Can you say the idea differently?

Brown Construction often came to see Annie because she owned much of the land on the valley’s southern slopes. Annie always listened to them politely.

3. Complete these sentences about The Lake (Ch 1 and 2) using either ‘because’ or ‘so’

a. ______ Annie owned much of the land on the southern slopes, Brown Construction always came to see her.

b. Annie’s grandfather built the house that she lived in, ______ she didn’t want to leave it.

c. ______ Annie was a kind person, she always dealt with Brown Construction politely.

d. Annie liked to drink coffee in the morning, ______ that morning she had a cup of coffee in her hand as usual.

e. ______ Annie loved looking at the river, the wildlife and the plants in the Argent valley, she loved where she lived.

f. People left the Argent valley ______ there were no more jobs in the silver mines there.

g. Annie owned much of the land on the southern slopes ______ her grandfather bought it when land was cheap.


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