Grammar and comprehension for The Lake (Chapter 4)

1. ‘Did + not‘ (we can shorten this to ‘didn’t) is one way to make a negative simple past tense sentence; for example, ‘Rufus didn’t like Donnie‘. In a simple past tense negative sentence, the main verb becomes a bare infinitive. In the example above, (‘Rufus didn’t like Donnie‘), the main verb in this negative simple past tense sentence is ‘like‘ NOT ‘liked‘.

2. If the simple past tense verb is ‘was‘ or ‘were‘, then ‘did‘ is NOT added. Instead, we only add ‘not‘ (or n’t); for example, ‘Annie wasn’t happy to see Donnie.

3. Look at this example from The Lake (Chapter 4). Can you find the verbs that will use ‘did + not‘ to make them negative?

He pulled the car door shut and sat behind the steering wheel, breathing hard. Rage filled his head. He started the big Mercedes. The dog was standing directly in front of the car with a piece of his Italian silk suit hanging from its mouth. Donnie stamped his foot down on the accelerator pedal and steered straight towards the dog. Everything happened fast. From the corner of his eye he saw Annie Baker rush in front of him. There was a thump and then another.

4.  Some of these sentences are true and some are false. Using your knowledge of chapters 3 and 4, change the sentences that aren’t correct

a. Annie didn’t ask Donnie to visit her.

b. Annie cared about making money.

c. Annie thought that $400,000 was a fair offer.

d. Annie wanted to buy a nice retirement flat in Florida.

e. The road to Annie’s property wasn’t full of holes.

f. Donnie didn’t enjoy driving to Annie’s place.

g. Easton was 80 miles from Annie’s house.

h. Donnie didn’t drive a luxury car.

i. Annie was interested in selling her property for $10 million.

j. Donnie didn’t shoot Annie.

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