Reading comprehension for The Lake (Ch12)

How much do you remember? Read The Lake (Ch12) and answer the questions below without referring to the text again.


Find the correct answer

1. What did Sherriff Farley make in the kitchen?

a. A cup of tea

b. Some lemonade

c. A cup of coffee

d. Some soup

2. What was in the oven?

a. A fish pie

b. Fish and chips

c. A steak pie

d. Some pasta

3. What does Mary-Beth think that Hank Farley spends too much time doing?

a. Playing golf and football

b. Working on old cars and fishing

c. Eating and sleeping

d. Shopping and driving

4. What kind of car was Sherriff Farley about to work on in his garage?

a. A red Ford

b. A blue Mercedes

c. A red Mercedes

d. A blue Ford

Are these statements true or false?

1. Sherriff Farley was home from work early.

2. Sherriff Farley did not put any sugar in his beverage.

3. Mary-Beth threw a cup at Farley.

4. Sherriff Farley locked Mary-Beth out of the house.

5. It was still raining when Farley walked to his garage.


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