Reading comprehension for The Lake (Ch13)

Read The Lake (Ch13) and then, without re-reading it, see if you can answer these questions


1. According to the car’s clock, what time was it?

A. Half past eight

B. Half past nine

C. Half past ten

D. Midnight

2. Cindy’s partner is

A. Jack Hogan

B. John Higgins

C. Jack Hillman

D. John Holman

3. When the Mercedes stopped, what was it against?

A. A tree

B. A road sign

C. A fence

D. A wall

4. Why did Cindy Duke crash?

A. The car behind flashed its headlights

B. The car behind was travelling too fast

C. The surface of the road was wet

D. The car behind hit the rear of the Mercedes

5. What did Sherriff Farley want to cover the old Ford car with?

A. Red Paint

B. Mud and slime

C. Soap and water

D. Polish


1. Cindy met her partner for the first time at college.

2. Cindy was hurt badly in the crash.

3. Cindy had to find a public phone in order to call the Sherriff.

4. Sherriff Farley spoke to Daisy first, then Cindy.

5. Cindy couldn’t remember any details about the car that was behind her.


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