Grammar for The Lake (Ch14) Regular and Irregular verbs

1. Match the verbs with their meaning

a. continue b. stare c. pound d. approach e. scratch f. repeat g. resume

i) to rub with one’s fingernails (especially if something is itchy)

ii) to start again after stopping

iii) to not stop, to keep doing something. (It can also mean to start again after stopping)

iv) to do the same thing again

v) to look hard at something for a long time

vi) to hit

vii) to go or come towards

2. Look at the verbs in #1 above. Which verbs are ‘regular’?

3. Here are more verbs from The Lake (Ch14). What are their simple past tenses?

a. stand

b. think

c. have

d. sleep

e. is

f. say


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