It’s been a busy few months for Walter and I – and now it’s time for HOLIDAYS! Walter is off to Cyprus for a few weeks and I am off to Scotland. Can’t wait. Although I will be on holiday until the beginning of September (and hence, not posting on this site), Walter and I will still be writing. We are about to start the third story in our ‘Morrow trilogy’ for Helbling publishers (the first has been published and the second is in pre-production). In addition, we are also writing a Factfile for Oxford University Press called ‘Amazing Teens.’ Talking of OUP, the art work for the Bookworm we recently wrote, called Tutankhamun, is being finalised so hopefully we will get to see the first finished pages of that soon. The proposed publication date for Tutankhamun is January 2016. Finally, Walter and I would like to thank everyone who has read our blog. Have a great summer!

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