Our adaptation of The Country of the Blind (Ch11)

‘Bogota!’ one man called out. ‘Bogota! Where are you?’

Nunez didn’t move. ‘Should I attack them,’ he wondered again. The blind men moved closer. Nunez held his spade tightly and moved towards them. ‘If one touches me,’ thought Nunez, `I will hit him.’

‘No one come near me!’ he shouted.

But the men ran at him, grabbing the air with their hands, trying to find him. They made a circle and surrounded him. ‘Leave me alone!’ he cried.

‘Bogota! Put down that spade and come off the grass,’ one of the men said.

This made Nunez angry. `My name is not Bogota! I will hurt you. I will. Leave me alone!’

Nunez saw a space in the circle around him and ran towards it. But the men heard him and the circle tightened. Nunez swung his spade. ‘Swish!’ The spade struck an arm and one of the men fell down with a sharp cry of pain. When the man fell, a space in the circle opened. At once, Nunez ran through the gap. He ran towards the streets and houses again. Behind him, he heard footsteps. The blind men were chasing him. They had spades and sticks too and were trying to him hit. A tall man came close. Nunez threw his spade at him, but missed.

Nunez was panicking. And he was tiring. Then he tripped and fell. When he looked up, he saw a hole in a wall of rock in front of him. A cave! Was it big enough to hide in? He jumped to his feet and made a mad run for it. When he reached the hole, he squeezed inside and sat down.

The blind men did not know where he was…

For now, he was safe.

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