The Five Orange Pips (Ch9)

Holmes moved the lamp and we both looked at the sheet of paper. It was torn from a book. The date on it was March 1869. Beneath the date, were these words…

‘4th Hudson came.’

‘7th Set pips on McAuley, Paramore and John Swain of St Augustine.’

‘9th McAuley cleared.’

‘10th John Swain cleared.’

‘2th visited Paramore. All well.’

`Thank you,’ said Holmes folding up the paper and giving it back to Openshaw. `And now you must not waste any more time. You must go home instantly and act.’

`What shall I do?’ John Openshaw asked.

`There is one thing to do,’ said Holmes. `You must put this piece of paper in the brass box you told us about. You must also put in a note. It must say that all the other papers were burned by your uncle and this is all that is left. When you have done this you must put the box on the sundial. Do you understand?’

`I understand,’ replied Openshaw.

`Do not think of revenge or anything like it. We must stay within the law of the land. We can make plans. But! First we must remove the danger that you are in. Then we can clear up the mystery and punish the guilty.’

`I thank you,’ said Openshaw. He got up and put on his coat. `You have given me new hope. I shall do as you say.’

`Do not waste time,’ warned Holmes. `And, above all, take care of yourself. Without a doubt, you are in real danger. How do you get back?’

`By train from Waterloo.’

`It is not yet nine and it will be crowded. You will be safe, ` said Holmes.

`I have a weapon.’

`Good,’ Holmes told him. `Tomorrow I will start on your case.’

`I will see you in Horsham?’ Openshaw asked.

`No,’ replied Holmes. ‘Your secret lies in London. It is here that I shall look for it.’

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