Our adaptation of A Fight with a Ghost (Ch6)

I gave Mrs Carson the same prescription as Mrs Stonor. However, I decided not to tell George about the matter. I did not want to go back on my word to Mrs Carson or Miss Stonor. And my own experience on the stairs the night before had made me wary. But I was determined and I promised myself that the next day – which was Sunday – that I would not go to church. With the rest of them away, I would stay at home and explore the house. There was obviously a mystery and I wanted to try and clear it up.

We all sat up late that night. Everyone was reluctant to go to bed. But at last Mrs Carson got up and said ‘Goodnight’. She gave me a nod. Miss Stonor got out of her chair and both the ladies went upstairs. George and I parted company in the corridor above. Our rooms were opposite each other.

I did not get ready for bed at once but sat down and tried to come up with a theory about what was happening. But the more I thought about it the more confused I became. I was sure that I had put my hand on something very alive and extremely unpleasant the night before. The thought of it made me shudder. What living thing could possibly be creeping around the house at night? It was a man’s hand. Because of its size, I was sure of that. It wasn’t George Carson’s hand. That was out of the question because he was in his room all the time. Nor was old Mr Carson sneaking about his own house and refusing to answer. I did not feel comfortable at all and looked in all the cupboards and even under my own bed before I started to undress for bed. Then I went to my door to lock it. Just as I put my hand on the key I heard a soft step in the corridor outside. It was then followed by a sigh and a groan.


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