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It’s been a busy few months for Walter and I – and now it’s time for HOLIDAYS! Walter is off to Cyprus for a few weeks and I am off to Scotland. Can’t wait. Although I will be on holiday until the beginning of September (and hence, not posting on this site), Walter and I will still be writing. We are about to start the third story in our ‘Morrow trilogy’ for Helbling publishers (the first has been published and the second is in pre-production). In addition, we are also writing a Factfile for Oxford University Press called ‘Amazing Teens.’ Talking of OUP, the art work for the Bookworm we recently wrote, called Tutankhamun, is being finalised so hopefully we will get to see the first finished pages of that soon. The proposed publication date for Tutankhamun is January 2016. Finally, Walter and I would like to thank everyone who has read our blog. Have a great summer!

New short story starts tomorrow: Guy de Maupassant’s The Blind Man

Tomorrow, we begin a new short story adaptation for intermediate learners. The original story is by Guy de Maupassant and its title is The Blind Man. We hope you enjoy it.


An interview with Helbling Languages about The Right Thing

Recently, Walter and Scott did an interview for Helbling Languages. They spoke about their new story, The Right Thing, which will be published in March 2015, and the way that they write. Here is the link:

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Fish and Chips (Ch3)

The mist began to clear. With the help of a few orange streetlights, buildings, gardens, hedges and cars appeared. I was in a village. Not much of a village, but a village all the same. The road that I was standing on bisected* it. I guessed there were about ten or twelve buildings in total. Although it wasn’t very late, there wasn’t a single light in any of them. Stranger still, I noticed that there were no Christmas trees, no coloured lights, no decorations* at all. ‘Did they forget it’s Christmas time?’ I wondered.

In the silence, the complete stillness, my breathing sounded loud.

I checked my mobile again. Unbelievable! Now, I was out of battery* I looked around and saw an old phone box on the corner. My footsteps echoed as I walked down the road. I swung the phone box door open and picked up the receiver. I wanted to hear Helen’s voice, and I wanted to call a garage. But the phone line was dead. I dropped the phone. As I swung open the door again, a flicker of light caught my eye. It was down a lane just to my right.

I walked over to the lane, but stopped. The light was coming, I guessed, from the back of the shop next to me. I looked up. Though it was not switched on, I could read the unlit letters in the shop’s sign. `Fish and Chips’ it said. My stomach grumbled*. I was hungry. I stared through the front window. The shop looked empty. I went up to the door and pushed. I expected it to be locked. Instead, there was a gentle ‘Ting’ as a small bell rang above my head and the door swung open.



bisected*– cut in half

decorations*– adornments, things that beautify (esp. Christmas decorations)

out of battery* – there was no more power, the battery was flat

flicker – an unsteady light, light that shows briefly

grumbled*– made an angry sound, complained

Thank you, 40,000 times!

To all the people who have read our blog since it began in Feb 2012, we’d like to say ‘Thank you’. 40,000 views and counting…