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Grammar and comprehension The Cook (Chapter 4)

1. To make a statement in the past tense negative, we often use ‘did’. The main verb in the statement also changes: it becomes the bare infinitive.

For example, ‘Candy didn’t take a bus to the school;¬†instead, she walked there.

2. Look at these sentences about The Cook (Chapter 4) and fill in the gaps using the example above to help you.

a. Candy ______ ______ the plates of food out of the kitchen nervously; instead, she brought them out ______.

b. Mrs Duffy ______ ______ that the food smelled horrible; instead, she ______ it smelled ______.

c. Mr Tomkin ______ ______ much; instead, he kept quiet and just ______ his head.

d. The headmistress ______ ______  time ; instead, she ______ Candy the job immediately.

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