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Vocabulary task – matching

Match the words and phrases from the flash fiction story ‘Diamonds as big as…’ with the correct definitions

a. assured

b. ‘steady as a rock’

c. to glance

d. ‘gung-ho’

e. ‘playing dumb’

f. to traverse

g. a coup


i. to go from one side of something to the other

ii. to look at quickly

iii. pretending not to be smart

iv. aggressive and glory-seeking

v. without movement

vi. a revolt against the government

vii. calm and confident

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Vocabulary practice for The Lake (Ch13)

Complete the sentences about The Lake (Ch13) using these words:







1. Cindy was approaching a __________ in the road when the red Ford hit the Mercedes.

2. When Cindy told Sheriff Farley about the red Ford, she was __________ to his reaction.

3. Cindy was trying to _________ the Mercedes to Donnie quickly and return home.

4. The __________ of the Mercedes was clean because the garage did a good job of washing it.

5. Cindy thought her partner was a real __________.

6. The clock that Cindy checked was part of the Mercedes’s __________.


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Vocabulary practice for The Cook (Chapter 10)

Look again at the irregular verbs in Chapter 10. Now choose the best word to complete these sentences

1. Sometimes it’s difficult to [choose/chose] a CD if there is a large selection of music.

2. Oh no! I have [leave/left] my mobile phone in the restaurant.

3. Can you [bring/brought] me the newspaper from the kitchen?

4. I didn’t [had/have] your number so I couldn’t call you last night.

5. He was laughing so hard he was [cry/crying].

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Vocabulary practice for The Cook (Chapter 9)

Use the words below from The Cook (Chapter 9) to complete the sentences

whispering   victim   formula   line   clouds  

1. There are very few people in the world who know the ______ for Coca Cola.

2. If there are no ______ in the sky, it usually means it isn’t going to rain.

3. The students cheated in the exam by ______ the answers to one another.

4. There was a long ______ of people waiting to see the Coldplay concert.

5. If you are a ______ of bullying at school, you should tell someone in authority.



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