Comprehension questions for The Janitor (Chapters 4 and 5)

Look again at chapter 4 and chapter 5. Choose the best ending for these setences

1. Mr Green probably woke up very early because he heard a noise outside/he was hungry.

2. When Mr Green heard the first knock at the door, he didn’t move because he was too tired/he thought he was imagining it.

3. The second knock at the door made him jump because the noise was loud/Mr Green was sleepy.

4. In the morning, Mr Green thought a bird hit his door the night before because he saw feathers outside the door/he heard a bird singing.

5. Mr Green took out a brush, a shovel and some bags from the small room because he wanted to sweep up some leaves/he wanted to relax.

6. After Mr Green had a drink of water, he returned to the leaves because he was angry/he wanted to put the leaves into bags.

7. Mr Green went into the east building because he wanted to find his pipe/he wanted to clean the floors.

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