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Comprehension for The Cook (Chapter 5)

Look again at The Cook (Chapter 5). According to the text, is the information in the following sentences True, False or Not Given?

1. Candy arrived at the school before the sun rose.

2. Candy spent the whole night in a cafe.

3. When Candy arrived at the headmistress’s office, she spoke to the secretary there.

4. When Candy heard shouting, she was standing at the kitchen window.

5. The dishwashers wanted Candy to stop the fight.

6. There was a crowd of 30 students around the two boys who were fighting.

7. By accident, Candy took a knife into the playground with her.

8. The two boys continued to fight after Candy shouted ‘Stop!’

9. Mr Tomkin was reading a newspaper before he came out of the staffroom.

10. Billy Pugman had ginger hair.

11. The boy with ginger hair went to see the nurse.

12. Billy Pugman used Candy’s handkerchief to clean his face.

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Comprehension activity for The Janitor (Chapter 3)

Look again at the Janitor (Chapter 3) and choose either so or because to complete the sentence (There is a clue in the punctuation to help you!)

1. Mr Green gave the taxi driver twenty pounds, so/because the driver gave him eight pounds in change.

2. The taxi driver said ‘good luck’ so/because Mr Green had a new job.

3. Mr Green saw a chimney, so/because he began walking towards it.

4. Mr Green was able to open the boiler room so/because there was a key in its lock.

5. Mr Green switched on the light in the room beside the boiler so/because it was dark inside.

6. Mr Green wasn’t very unhappy so/because the room was clean.

7. Mr Green didn’t eat immediately so/because he felt sleepy.

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Comprehension activity for The Janitor (Chapter 7)

Read The Janitor (Chapter 7) again and put these sentences into the correct order

a) The small bird flew away

b) His usual dream ended

c) The boiler began to work

d) He went to look for a telephone

e) He pressed some buttons

f) He thought about Sally, his favourite bird

g) He woke up

h) Black smoke rose into the air

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Comprehension activity for The Janitor (Chapter 10)

Read Chapter 10 again. Are the following statements true, false or not given?

a. Detective Inspector Duncan is a policeman.

b. Detective Inspector Duncan told the sergeant that they found Mr Green a few hours ago.

c. The doctor saw Mr Green before Detective Inspector Duncan did.

d. The headmistress saw Mr Green before the sergeant.

e. The headmistress came to the school because she saw smoke from the chimney.

f. Someone called Malcolm Thane works for Birnam County Council.

g. The headmistress knows who was in the school with Mr Green.

h. The inspector knew that Mrs Allen liked to wear long, silver earrings.

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Comprehension for The Janitor (Chapter 9)

Look at Chapter 9 again and choose the best one

1. Mr Green got off the sofa quickly/slowly.

2. The footsteps did not continue/stop after Mr Green asked a question.

3. The room became less dark/light.

4. Mr Green felt warm/cold when he heard the voice for the first time.

5. Mr Green knew immediately that the person talking to him was joking/serious.

6. Mr Green began to feel a pain in his leg/chest.

7. The voice said the accident was/was not Mr Green’s fault.

8. Seeing the body of his favourite bird made Mr Green very upset/angry.

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Comprehension activity for The Janitor (Chapter 8)

Look at The Janitor (Chapter 8) Are the following statements true, false or not given?

1. Mr Green had a total of five keys in his hand

2. The school’s offices were on the ground floor

3. There was no phone on the second floor

4. When Mr Green picked up the red phone, he heard no sound from it

5. There was only one phone on the third floor

6. Mr Green was surprised to see the newspaper

7. The newspaper’s name was The Daily

8. The sound of footsteps was coming from the stairs.

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Comprehension for The Janitor (Chapter 6)

Read The Janitor (Chapter 6) and then put following sentences in order:

a) Mr Allen was still inside one of the classrooms

b) Mr Allen arrived on his bike

c) Mr Green shouted ‘No!’

d) Mr Allen got off his bike

e) Flames came out of the windows

f) The fire engine’s siren sounded

g) Mr Allen talked about his holidays

h) The teachers began counting people

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Comprehension questions for The Janitor (Chapters 4 and 5)

Look again at chapter 4 and chapter 5. Choose the best ending for these setences

1. Mr Green probably woke up very early because he heard a noise outside/he was hungry.

2. When Mr Green heard the first knock at the door, he didn’t move because he was too tired/he thought he was imagining it.

3. The second knock at the door made him jump because the noise was loud/Mr Green was sleepy.

4. In the morning, Mr Green thought a bird hit his door the night before because he saw feathers outside the door/he heard a bird singing.

5. Mr Green took out a brush, a shovel and some bags from the small room because he wanted to sweep up some leaves/he wanted to relax.

6. After Mr Green had a drink of water, he returned to the leaves because he was angry/he wanted to put the leaves into bags.

7. Mr Green went into the east building because he wanted to find his pipe/he wanted to clean the floors.

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Comprehension questions for The Janitor (Chapters 1 and 2)

Try and answer these questions without looking again at chapters 1 and chapter 2 of The Janitor:

1. Who is Sally?

2. Why can’t Mr Green borrow money from his brother?

3. Why does Mr Green need money?

4. Where is Mr Green going to work?

5. How much money does Mr Green have in his bank account?

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