Comprehension for The Cook (Chapter 5)

Look again at The Cook (Chapter 5). According to the text, is the information in the following sentences True, False or Not Given?

1. Candy arrived at the school before the sun rose.

2. Candy spent the whole night in a cafe.

3. When Candy arrived at the headmistress’s office, she spoke to the secretary there.

4. When Candy heard shouting, she was standing at the kitchen window.

5. The dishwashers wanted Candy to stop the fight.

6. There was a crowd of 30 students around the two boys who were fighting.

7. By accident, Candy took a knife into the playground with her.

8. The two boys continued to fight after Candy shouted ‘Stop!’

9. Mr Tomkin was reading a newspaper before he came out of the staffroom.

10. Billy Pugman had ginger hair.

11. The boy with ginger hair went to see the nurse.

12. Billy Pugman used Candy’s handkerchief to clean his face.

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