Comprehension activity for The Janitor (Chapter 3)

Look again at the Janitor (Chapter 3) and choose either so or because to complete the sentence (There is a clue in the punctuation to help you!)

1. Mr Green gave the taxi driver twenty pounds, so/because the driver gave him eight pounds in change.

2. The taxi driver said ‘good luck’ so/because Mr Green had a new job.

3. Mr Green saw a chimney, so/because he began walking towards it.

4. Mr Green was able to open the boiler room so/because there was a key in its lock.

5. Mr Green switched on the light in the room beside the boiler so/because it was dark inside.

6. Mr Green wasn’t very unhappy so/because the room was clean.

7. Mr Green didn’t eat immediately so/because he felt sleepy.

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