Reading comprehension for The Lake (Ch 10)

Read chapter 10 of The Lake and, without looking at it again, see if you can answer these questions. How good is your memory?

A. Choose the correct answer

1. What did Donnie do to help his sore head?

a. Take a couple of pills.

b. Listen to some music.

c. Sleep.

d. Go for a walk.

2. What age group is Sherriff Farley in?

a. His fifties.

b. His sixties.

c. His seventies.

d. We don’t find out his age.

3. What does Donnie tell Sherriff Farley?

a. That he likes Cindy Duke.

b. That Cindy Duke stole his car.

c. That he is being followed.

d. That someone stole his Mercedes car.

4. Who does Cindy Duke see standing beside Donnie’s car in the car park?

a. A little boy.

b. A little girl.

c. An old man.

d. An old Lady.

5. What are the words on Donnie’s car written with?

a. Paint.

b. Chalk.

c. Mud.

d. Pencil.

B. Are the following true or false?

1. Donnie Brown was in his office when the Sherriff arrived

2. Cindy Duke is Donnie’s secretary

3. Donnie Brown likes Sherriff Farley

4.  Donnie Brown drives a Cadillac car

5. Sherriff Farley asks Donnie for more money


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