Comprehension questions for The Lake (Ch 11)

How is your memory? Read The Lake (Ch 11) and, without re-reading it, see if you can answer these questions:

a. Choose the correct answer

1. How much did Big Donnie pay the taxi driver?

a. $20

b. $50

c. $100

d. He didn’t pay the taxi driver

2. Where was Big Donnie’s Mercedes being cleaned?

a.  Ben Green’s garage

b.  Cindy Duke’s house

c.  Sherriff Farley’s house

d. Outside Big Donnie’s office

3.Who was bringing Big Donnie’s Mercedes back to him later that night?

a. Sherriff Farley

b. Ben Green

c. Cindy Duke

d. Big Donnie was going to get it himself

4. What did Big Donnie want to do because it was a nice night?

a. Go to his gym

b. Go for a drive in his car

c. Go out on his boat

d. Go for a swim

5. What couldn’t Big Donnie see on the shore of the lake because it was too dark?

a. Trees

b. Cars

c. People

d. A road

B. Are the following true or false?

1. Big Donnie believed that the taxi driver charged too much money

2. Big Donnie was having his car cleaned because it was covered with paint

3. The gates to Big Donnie’s driveway were unlocked

4. Big Donnie took the keys for his boat out of his pocket





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