Reading comprehension with ‘before’ and ‘after’

Read the Lake (Ch16) again and complete the following sentences using either ‘before’ or ‘after’.

1. Sheriff Farley arrived at Ben Green’s garage ______ Big Donnie Brown got there.

2. ______ Sheriff Farley parked his car, Big Donnie arrived.

3. ______ Sheriff Farley sent Donnie the blackmail letter, he would be rich.

4. Sheriff Farley put on the grey wig ______ Donnie Brown left Ben Green’s garage.

5. ______ Sheriff Farley opened Donnie’s front gate with a skeleton key, he drove all over the property in the red Ford.

6. ______ Sheriff Farley heard the noise of the shutters falling, he saw Donnie walk towards the grey Buick.

7. Sheriff Farley thought about his pension ______ he followed Donnie.

8. ______ Donnie drove off, Sheriff Farley stamped on the accelerator pedal.




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