Grammar for The Piper

Look at our new very short story called The Piper in the section called ‘FLASH FICTION’.

Think‘, ‘know‘, ‘feel‘, ‘wish‘, ‘see‘ and ‘guess‘ are common verbs in English. Often the verbs follow this pattern: SUBJECT +VERB + THAT + NOUN CLAUSE. For example, ‘The piper thought that the man was about fifty years old‘. In this example, the SUBJECT = ‘The piper‘, the MAIN VERB = ‘thought‘, and the NOUN CLAUSE = ‘the man was about fifty years old‘. The subject of the noun clause = the man, and the verb in the noun clause = was.

A. Put these sentences into the correct order.

1. | wished | that he |speak | languages| a hundred | The piper | could

2. | that | The piper | the man | Scottish | guessed | was

3. | felt | a happy | cheer | The piper | that | tune | would | him up

4. | he had | at least | The piper | that | knew | to get |every day | ten pounds

5. | the woman | The piper | gave | saw | him a pound |that

B. Complete these sentences

1. The piper thought that the man was about fifty because…

2. The piper saw that he could stop playing soon because…

3. The piper wished that everyone would give him ten pounds because….

4. The piper wished that he could tell people to run away because….


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