Reading comprehension for Sweet tooth (Ch1, 2 and 3)

Look at Sweet tooth (Ch1, 2 and 3). Can you complete the sentences using the words below to help you? 

 red    gold    good    work    co-worker    train    easy    hated

1. Wendy ______ going to the dentist

2. Tracey was Wendy’s ______ and also an old school friend.

3. Jobs weren’t ______ to find in the town that Wendy and Tracey lived in.

4. Mrs Wilson told Tracey that the new dentist was very ______.

5. Wendy made an appointment to see the new dentist after she finished her ______.

6. Wendy watched the ______ in the toy shop’s window.

7. The name of the new dentist was written in ______ letters.

8. A ______ arrow pointed upstairs.


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