Sweet tooth (Ch4) Noun clauses


1. A noun clause is a part of a sentence that acts like a noun.

Look at this sentence: “I know that he is angry“. Often noun clauses begin with ‘that‘ or ‘what, who, why, when and how‘. The example sentence could be re-written as ‘I know it.’

2. There is an example of a noun clause in this extract from Sweet tooth (Ch4). Can you find it?

Puzzled, Wendy turned and met the woman’s stare. ‘A raven!’ thought Wendy. ‘That’s what she looks like – a raven.’

(The correct answer is ‘….what she looks like’)

3. Here are some more sentences. Can you find the noun clauses in them?

a. I can’t remember where I left my phone.

b. I know who knows the answer.

c. I understand what you are saying but I don’t agree.

d. I forgot when we planned to meet.

e. I don’t know why you don’t like Manchester United.

f. We discussed who the best person for the job was.

g. What you said was correct.

h. I don’t understand how you got that answer.

4. Try to make some noun clauses of your own by completing these stems

a. I know what…

b. I don’t know where…

c. I can’t remember when…

d. I understand that…


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