Our adaptation of H.G. Wells’s Country of the Blind Chapter 15

The elders thought for a long time about Nunez. He was a problem, but they wanted to help him. There was a doctor amongst the people of the blind, a medicine man. He was clever and curious.

One day the medicine man went to speak to Yacob about Nunez.

‘I have examined Bogota,’ he told Yacob. ‘I have good news.’

‘What is it?’ Jacob asked.

‘Bogota talks about strange things. He says that he has eyes. These eyes have eyelids and they move all the time. I think they affect his brain and therefore his thinking. But I can cure him.’

‘How?’ Yacob asked.

‘It’s a simple thing: we must remove his eyes. After that, I am sure he can become a good citizen of the village.’

Jacob was happy. At once, he went to tell Nunez that the medicine man could cure him. But when he told Nunez, Nunez did not welcome the news.

Yacob was angry. `Don’t you care for my daughter?’ he asked. ‘Is she more important than these strange things called eyes? Tell me!’ he said.

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