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Grammar for Sweet tooth (Ch8)


1. What adverbs and adjectives do

In general, adverbs describe verbs and adjectives describe nouns. For example, in this sentence: ‘He spoke quickly‘, the adverb is ‘quickly‘ and it describes the verb ‘spoke’. In this sentence: ‘He is a fast speaker‘, the adjective is ‘fast‘ and it describes the noun ‘speaker‘.

2. Look at the sentence below. Is the word ‘fast’ acting as an adjective or adverb?

Cheetahs can run fast

If you thought it was an adverb, you would be correct! Often adverbs end in ‘ly’, but not always.

3. Look at the sentences below. Is the word ‘hard‘ acting as an adjective or adverb? 

a. ‘She’s a hard worker so she usually does well at school

b. ‘She studied hard so she got a good grade

4. Look at this extract from Sweet tooth (Ch8). Is ‘carefully‘ an adverb or an adjective? What is it describing?

Wendy’s dad sighed. The last time Wendy borrowed it she put a dent in one of the doors. ‘Okay, but drive carefully,’ he said, handing her the keys from his pocket.

5. Complete the sentences by choosing the correct word

a. The students felt (happy/happily) when their exam finished.

b. Because she spoke so (loud/loudly) when she asked for the bill, everyone turned and looked at her.

c. She turned (sudden/suddenly) and (accidental/accidentally) hit him with her umbrella.

d. He was speaking too (soft/softly) so the students (polite/politely) asked him to raise his voice.

e. Parking a large car is sometimes (difficult/difficultly) unless it has technology to help you.

f. Learning to drive a car is (easy/easily) for most people if they have sufficient time to practise and an instructor who is (patient/patiently).

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Grammar activity for The Janitor (Chapter 8)

1. Adjectives and adverbs

Adverbs are often used to describe a verb e.g. He talked loudly. (However, there are some verbs such as ‘feel’ ‘seem’ ‘appear’ ‘sound’ ‘look’ and ‘be’ that take adjectives)

Adjectives describe a noun e.g. Suddenly, there was a loud noise. (= The noise was loud = The loud noise surprised me).

2. Look at the extract from The Janitor (Chapter 8). Find the all the adjectives and adverbs

3. Now choose the correct one (Watch out for d!)

a. He felt sad/sadly when he saw the car hit a bird.

b. There was a bad/badly car crash on the bridge, but luckily no one was hurt.

c. The cat moved slowly/slow out of the way although the car came round the corner quick/quickly.

d.  The teacher spoke very soft/softly. Consequent/Consequently, the students at the back of the class couldn’t hear her although they were listening hard/hardly.

e. You seem rather quietly/quiet today: are you feeling well?

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