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Grammar for Sweet tooth (Ch1)


1. Look at this sentence from Sweet tooth (Ch1):

Jobs were hard to find

In this sentence, the basic structure looks like this: Subject + to be + adjective + infinitive

2. Complete the following sentences using the correct adjective + infinitive 

simple to use/difficult to change/difficult to answer/easy to read/difficult to understand

a. Their accents were ______, so I asked them to repeat what they said.

b. The book was ______, so I finished it in just three days.

c. One of the exam questions was ______, so I went back to it later and tried again.

d. The tire was ______, but luckily there was a garage nearby.

e. The iPhone 5 is ______, but it is quite expensive.

For more practice with infinitives, try this site: http://www.grammar-quizzes.com/infinitive4.html


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